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21 December 2012 @ 01:59 pm

top banana in the shock department

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28 December 2011 @ 01:25 pm
Title: On Intentional Attractions
Pairing: Nine/Rose
Rating: Adult
WARNINGS: Slight dubcon that is later resolved.
Genre: Angst, Romance, Smut
Word Count: 6,666
Summary: On the subject of intentional attractions: there are none.

Authors Note: For lillibetm3 on the occasion of her birthday, who is owed this and so much more. I sort of tried to follow your prompt, but I'm sorry. I started this story ages ago for you and never finished it, but here it is finally. Thank you to stillxmyxheart for her beta efforts. Someday I promise to learn to comma. ;) WHOA. That is a seriously evil word count. Lilli must have been extra naughty this year. ;)

ETA: Pardon my HTML fail that left the warning out and only a bracket instead.

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24 December 2011 @ 11:23 pm

Merry Christmas to my fabulous friends list! I hope you all have a wonderful day, if you're celebrating, however your celebrating, whatever you're doing. I love you all. ♥
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For my dear cifan70 who wanted a Fringe wallpaper with Peter/Olivia. The prompt was touch but I'm not sure how well I did with that. ;) Enjoy, bb!

Again, it's default laptop screen size, but if you need a different resolution, I can whip it up in no time. Clicking the preview takes you to the for real one.
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For the lovely dance_the_dance who wanted something Firefly with Mal/Kaylee. ;) Hope you like it, bb!

I went for default laptop screen size, but if you need a different resolution, just let mek now. I will adjust as necessary. :) Clicking the preview takes you to the for real one.
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For the super awesome marcasite who wanted a Once Upon a Time wallpaper of Emma and the good Sheriff. ;) Merry Christmas, my dear!

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03 December 2011 @ 05:28 pm
For the fantastic mandamanda who requested Doctor Who icons of Ten and his companions. Happy Holidays, bb!

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For the fantastic deternot who requested Olivia icons and the theme emotions. I can't hold a candle to the beauty of your icons, my dear, but I tried. :) Hope you like them!

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01 December 2011 @ 10:40 pm

For my wonderful internet sister-in-law, happyfew, who requested a Ten/Rose New Earth themed mix. I apologize for the lateness of this post, but it's totally still December 1 where I am so it counts! I hope you like it, sweetie.

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01 December 2011 @ 08:31 am
I wanted to do this last year but just didn't, for whatever reason. Consider this an advent calendar of sorts, and I'm giving myself extra time to get the requests done. You can pick 2 days if you want. All fandoms I'm interested in are fair game, even if I haven't written for it or whatever. I love branching out. Fics will be fairly short, anything from a drabble to 500 words depending on what comes into my brain. Mixes will be 4-5 songs. Icons will be at least 3. Etc.

Please specify:

* graphic/wallpaper/icon/fic/mix/something else
* fandom/pairing/character
* prompt (lyrics, quotes, situations, pictures, etc)

If there is a specific rating or type of fic you are looking for, be sure to tell me so I can direct the muse, and if you want me to use specific caps for a graphic, leave me a link :) Requests will be posted on the day(s) you pick.

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